2017 Chenglong Wetlands International Environment Art Project/ Yunlin, TW

2017 Chenglong Wetlands International Environment Art Project 成龍溼地國際環境藝術計畫  5.5 ~

Yunlin, TW 台灣雲林

The 2017 Cheng Long Wetlands International Environmental Art Project “Take Action, Live with Change” celebrated its inauguration with a press conference and an artwork tour on May 5th. The following weekend (May 6th to 7th) was the official opening in which all the visitors were welcomed to interact face-to-face with the 2017 artists to explore more about the ideas of the artworks.

Cheng-Long Wetlands is a developing wetlands of over 100 hectares located in rural Yunlin County, on the South-central coast of Taiwan.  The Cheng-Long Wetlands are very close to the ocean (Taiwan Straits) and the climate is tropical with warm days and nights all year.  There are several small villages nearby, and people here usually make their living from fish farms and agriculture. The community is economically depressed now, and most young people leave to find jobs elsewhere.  The Cheng Long Wetlands are beautiful expanses of shallow brackish water with lots of wildlife such as crabs, fish, etc. and water plants such as reeds.

Next: 2018.5.14 ~

Photo Gallery

Photo: Jing Liao













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